Asset Management

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    THE NEW ASSET MANAGEMENT ECOSYSTEM: how asset managers can grow loyalty, AUM

    Asset managers are grappling with a complex environment beset by higher expectations, more competition and greater pressure on profit margins. That’s moving the industry into a targeted, personalized and intelligent future, requiring managers to more strategically engage with their customers to cultivate loyalty and grow assets. In this article, Jarlath Forde outlines the new asset management ecosystem, highlighting how asset managers can leverage the Salesforce platform in conjunction with automation tools to grow revenue and improve customer service across client segments, including retail, advisor and institutional. Across the industry, asset managers are facing a confluence of challenges impacting not only [...]
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    ASSET MANAGEMENT METAMORPHOSIS: transform now or risk missing the greatest opportunity in decades

    Many asset management firms are implementing customer relationship management (CRM) systems to automate their sales and marketing processes and build more comprehensive views of their customers. Likewise, many are building interactive client portals and applications, as well as client reporting and document automation capabilities, to better service customers, create operational efficiencies and meet regulatory reporting requirements. As a next step, asset managers can devise a strategy to share the information generated by these customer-facing portals and apps with their CRM systems, and vice versa, to proactively engage the customer on an increasingly personalized level. In this article, Thomas Kracz discusses [...]
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    CLOUD-BASED SOLUTIONS: why the time is right for asset managers to consider adoption

    Faced with a slew of new industry, client and technology pressures, today’s asset management landscape looks quite different than it did just 10 years ago. In this article, Manish Moorjani discusses the evolution of the asset manager’s ecosystem, looks at the technology solution transformation with the advent of cloud computing and details the decision criteria CIOs can use to determine whether cloud solutions fit into their future plans and strategies. Over the past decade, the asset management business has been impacted by several factors, including the popularity of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as investment vehicles; new regulations; the rise of automated [...]