Data Harmonization

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    DATA WITH PERSONALITY: the evolution of visualization

    How well are financial institutions truly able to understand their data? It’s a critical question at a time when firms must process more data than ever before, for both compliance and business growth. Conveying and interpreting its complex characteristics is an ongoing challenge. In this article, Julie Rodriguez and Piotr Kaczmarek look at how far data visualization has come, illustrate a viable option to evolve data displays and discuss why the next step of encoding objects could be a major breakthrough.  Financial markets data—and specifically investment data—comes in many guises. It can be structured or unstructured and contain multiple variables [...]
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    OTC DERIVATIVES: the data management challenge, risks and opportunities

    Even as regulators struggle to harmonize significant inconsistency in rules across jurisdictions, they are now shifting from rulemaking to enforcement. To avoid the risk of noncompliance, trading firms are beginning to invest in data management as a discipline within their organizations. As internal architectures are reshaped, costs will likely increase in the short term. However, the return on investment is potentially exponential. In this article, Paul Gibson and Matthew Rodgers discuss how poor data management practices and a fundamental lack of standardization still pose a risk in the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets. But as businesses work toward providing regulators with [...]
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    COMPREHENSIVE DATA INTELLIGENCE: empowering the energy marketplace

    Energy companies today face an unprecedented level of market flux and regulatory complexity. To make informed strategic decisions in such an environment, these companies need access to richer and more comprehensive market data than is currently available. In this article, Arun Karur explains how companies can improve trading decisions and better manage their portfolio risk and compliance requirements by utilizing actual and significant market data. In recent years, market understanding in the energy sector has been complicated by major global shifts in supply and demand, as well as increasing supply chain complexity and more stringent regulatory limitations and environmental protection [...]