Investment Management

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    INVESTMENT BOOK OF RECORD: improving decision support and transparency in an increasingly complex environment

    Rapid technology innovations during the past few years are disrupting business models within the financial services industry that have largely remained untouched for decades, challenging operational processes and rendering traditional architecture options suboptimal. With increased regulation stemming from the global financial crisis and competition from new financial services providers, leveraging innovation in the quest for alpha is now a necessity for buy-side firms. In this article, Joshua Satten and Sidhartha Adholekar outline why the Investment Book of Record (IBOR) is critical to empower operational and investment process functions. They also address why an IBOR is equally beneficial to funds, fund [...]
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    INVESTMENT BOOK OF RECORDS: establishing a single source of “truth” for buy-side firms

    Firms are discovering that there is a strong business need for accurate real-time positional data across their organizations. Access to such data would maximize investment opportunities, ensuring that a firm can be fully invested. For some, an Investment Book of Records (IBOR) addresses that need. Gaining considerable attention in the investment management industry, particularly within more retail-focused firms, an IBOR provides real-time portfolio visibility through the synchronization of frontand back-office systems and can be implemented in a variety of ways. Duncan Cooper discusses the fundamental patterns these options present and considerations for each. Traditionally, an investment manager has a front-office [...]