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    ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION: The silver bullet for operations or another red herring?

    Investment banks are currently in the eye of a "perfect storm." The financial crisis has prompted regulators to re-evaluate the entire industry, and as a result, firms now face the conflicting pressures of shrinking margins and managing ever-increasing compliance requirements. Recognizing that existing operational models cannot be sustained, organizations are exploring new ways to innovate, most notably through robotic process automation (RPA). But is RPA worth the hype? Is it the ultimate solution for enhancing control and reducing costs within operations? Or is it just another quick fix that wonít work over the long term? Nick Fry and Lukasz Hassa [...]
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    THREE TECH TRENDS OF 2017: it’s all about the humans

    As 2016 draws to a close, many financial services firms find themselves in the unusual position of having technology at their disposal that is more advanced than their processes and their humans. It is time to play catch up. And technical know-how is only part of the equation as new regulations, client requirements and competitive forces demand a new approach. In the battle between running the old and introducing the new, something will have to give. In this article, Dr. Leda Glyptis explains three of the most important technology trends for the year ahead—and the paradigm shift they represent. Once [...]